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Friday, July 28, 2006

It's Great To Be A Democrat

It is a great time to be a Democrat. We have an opportunity in the November election to recover the U.S. Congress and the Texas Governor's Office. Nationally, our fellow Americans are realizing what we have known for years: the Bush administration's zeal for war in the middle east has accomplished nothing except tragedy for so many of our wonderful servicemen and servicewomen, their families, the Iraqi people, indeed the entire middle east. Here in Texas, the voters are fed up. They are tired of Republicans closing our parks, denying our teachers the tools they need, and spoiling our environment, and turning Texas into the 'thank God for Mississippi' state: we are last in the country in so many areas, except for Mississippi. Since there are four main candidates for governor, and since the candidate with the most votes wins even if that candidate gets fewer than 50% of the votes, Chris Bell can easily be the first Democratic governor in a decade. Juan Garcia, our candidate for the Texas House, is one of the most impressive candidates in years: a decorated Navy pilot and protege of Gen. Wesley Clark. By electing Shane Sklar to Congress, we can finally replace Dr. No, the incumbent, Ron Paul, who votes against almost everything, including helping hurricane victims. We in the Aransas County have a very active season ahead of us. You are going to enjoy the events that are planned. Stay tuned and keep positive. It's great to be a Democrat!


Blogger Jeff said...

Great job, Dennis! Welcome to the team and thanks for posting.

7/28/2006 8:45 AM  

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