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Thursday, August 03, 2006

David Van Os Coming to Rockport

David Van Os, Demcratic candidate for Attorney General of Texas, will appear at the Aransas County Court house on Wednesday, August 9th, at 10 am. David is really a must see and hope everyone takes the time to attend this event on his statewide whistlestop tour.

David Van Os will truly be "The People's Attorney". He vows to fight for the citizens against price gouging oil companies, big insurers that won't honor their policies and other predatory corporate interests that have bought and paid for the Republican majority in Texas that acts against your self interests. You can learn more about Mr. Van Os at his website.

I am very proud to have a candidate like David Van Os representing the Demcratic Party. David is a real firebrand and doesn't mince words like many politicians. I garantee you won't be disappointed if you come and hear him speak this coming Wednesday. Won't you please come and garantee he's not disappointed.

I'm going to be there. How about you?


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