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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Not All Hat

Underneath the hat and vest is a true Texan. David Van Os says rural, small town Texas is being left behind in the political process, which is why he plans on visiting all 254 county courthouses in Texas in his bid for Attorney General of Texas. On August 9th, Van Os made the Aransas County courthouse the 124th visit in his whistle-stop tour of Texas.

According to David, political consultants and pundits measure success according to how much fundraising a candidate can do instead of their values. “And the greed for money is a poison that has corrupted our entire political system,” says Van Os. In his mind, the large corporate donors are buying protection from the candidates who then ignore their sworn duty to meet the people’s needs.

David promises to investigate the major oil companies for violations of the Texas anti-trust statutes, which are even older than the federal anti-trust laws. Other states are filing suits against these oil companies and Van Os believes that Texas should lead the way to protect citizens from high energy prices caused by mergers that have reduced competition. “There is a difference between reasonable profit in a healthy free enterprise system and greed gone crazy,” says David, “and that’s the monopoly power we’re under now. Everybody knows this.”

David vows to go after the big oil companies on behalf of the people of Texas after he is sworn in. Counties are struggling to make their budgets in the face of rising energy costs. These high costs are causing reductions in police patrols, EMS, and other services. It is a real threat to our public safety and economic wellbeing.

David points out that the same anti-trust statutes can be used to go after the large insurance companies to ensure that Texans pay a fair price for their homeowners insurance. “We have the power to fight back,” he says. He also claims that the incumbent has done nothing on the big picture issue of monopoly power because he is bought and paid for by corporate donations. “People all over this state know that government has been stolen,” says Van Os.

Now David’s opponent is way ahead of him on fundraising, but he says the most important thing he needs is our votes. Yes he needs our votes but I’m not going to be shy. If you can spare a few bills, Please go to the link on the left for David and make a donation to his campaign so he can get the word out to more citizens. You’ll feel better for it.


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