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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bell Is Within Striking Distance

The results of a SurveyUSA poll taken on Sept. 16-18 show Perry at 35%, Bell at 23%, Friedman at 23%, and Strayhorn at 15%. According to Paul Burka, Senior Executive Editor at Texas Monthy, "Strayhorn is dead." Burka says to look for Strayhorn to go negative because she has no message or constituency. Burka believes that that won't help Strayhorn but it will cost Perry.

The striking thing about the poll is that Perry has only 55% of Republicans. 44% of his own party won't vote for him.

As to Kinky, I wonder how hard his numbers really are. His strength seems to come from those who are disaffected and disgusted, the folks who hate government and don't vote. To me, that's a recipe for failure. As to those who say they will vote for Kinky and are likely to vote, again, are they really going to vote for him? I mean, his one liners are amusing but people who are serious about government aren't in it just for chuckles. It's one thing to laugh with Kinky in September, it's quite another thing to vote for him in November.

Bell's problem are the same ones they've always been: name recognition and money. Among those who know who he is, Bell outpolls everyone else. He will have another commercial on TV soon, but the other three candidates, especially Perry and Strayhorn, swamp him with their money.

Therefore, if you want good government and honest government, you'll have to work for it: walk your neighborhood, don't be afraid to tell your friends about Chris Bell, spend an hour at a phone bank, display a yard sign and a bumper sticker.

Otherwise, Perry and corporate money win again.

Dennis Carnes


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