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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Gene Seaman Pays Rent to Himself With Other People's Money

Did you see the September 9 issue of Corpus Christi Caller Times? According to a first page story, Gene Seaman, the member of the Texas House of Representatives from our district, has been using campaign funds, i.e. other people's money, to pay rent for a condo. in Austin. The principal problem with that is that he seems to be paying the rent to himself. The Caller Times reports that Mr. Seaman pays an entity called 'Austin Land Company' $1,000 in rent and $500 in condo. fees each month. Austin Land Company is solely owned by Mr. Seaman's wife, the article says. Austin Land Company owns no properties other than the Austin condo. It seems also that Mrs. Seaman failed to file the appropriate form with the Texas Secretary of State that would have disclosed that she is the sole owner of Austin Land Company

The Caller Times also says that the Seamans are claiming two homesteads for property tax purposes: one on a residence in Corpus and the other on the Austin condo. Therefore, they are getting two homestead exemptions from their property tax bill, which is illegal even if you are a Republican legislator. According to the article, Mr. Seaman's spokeman attributed all this to Mrs. Seaman.

When will all this stuff stop? Maybe when we elect different people. Let's elect Juan Garcia to this seat and stop all these shenanigans. Dennis Carnes


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