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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Seaman: Class Act

In the Caller Political Pulse column there was a recent item titled Seaman: Campaign is about seniority

Republican state Rep. Gene Seaman explained to a crowd of supporters at Sam and Catherine Susser's house last week that he needs to be re-elected because there is a seniority drain in the local legislative delegation, after the loss of longtime Rep. Vilma Luna, D-Corpus Christi.

Seaman is the most senior legislator in the delegation, and because he is also a Republican, he says he has the ear of Gov. Rick Perry and House Speaker Tom Craddick.

Of course Mr. Seaman is just glossing over the real problem he has: who has his ear? It's well known in these parts about his support for the the Delmar College annexation plan which would have raised county taxes for a questionable benefit. The citizens in the area certainly didn't have his ear. Perhaps it's the the insurance companies that have his ear.

The item continues:

"It's important to save senior legislators, not me," he said. "Ellen and I can always do something else. For the $600 a month that I make, I could go back to selling insurance."

There you have it. Gene says he'll be perfectly happy to go back to his first love if he doesn't win. There's a real ringing endorsement for public sevice! Perhaps he could legislate a pay raise for himself in the next session. But that would go against the limited government talking point.

It's just too bad there's no next session for him.

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