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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Boo Hoo, I'm Gonna Sue

According to the Caller-Times, Gene Seaman's attorney has been trying to get the TV stations in the Corpus Christi area to pull ads that he says misrepresent facts about Mr. Seaman, Republican incumbent in Texas House District 32.

"We have advised the local stations that the TV ads they are running are not just deceptive, they are just wrong," Seaman's attorney Lance Bruun said Wednesday. "We have asked them to pull the ads."

Seaman would not comment.

Bruun, sent a letter to the three stations Tuesday calling statements in the ad blatantly false. Seaman's campaign and Bruun, a former Nueces County Republican Party chairman, cite a letter from the Texas Ethics Commission that says it is OK for the representative to pay his wife as long she maintains separate ownership."

According to the man who paid for the ads, attorney Mikal Watts, the Seamans cannot have seperate ownership since Texas is a community property state. The ads do not mention Seaman's opponent, Democrat Juan Garcia.

"He is threatening all three stations," Watts said. "He can sue me or the PAC or both. The problem is that truth is a defense under the statute.

"He is hoping that the stations would rather pull the ad than face meritless litigation."

KIII (ABC) pulled the adds for a period while their lawyer reviewed the matter but they have started to re-air the commercials. KRIS (NBC) has notified Watts that they will continue to air the ads. There is no word in the article about CBS affiliate KZTV's position on the issue.

Read the whole article here.

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