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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Statement from Dale Lloyd

My name is Dale Lloyd; I am a candidate for county commissioner for Precinct 2. As a member of the community, I have many concerns for our neighborhood. Going door to door for the last five months, I have heard the same concerns and complaints from the people of Precinct 2. During this time, I have seen first hand the problems that we face. When I was campaigning in West Terrace I received many complaints about the drainage in their area. While campaigning on West Corpus Christi Street, I found the West Terrace drainage problem. Their drainage ditch is approximately fifty percent blocked. When talking to the owner of the property, he informed me that the drainage ditch has not been cut since last year.

Rockport's growth has changed the responsibilities of the county commissioner's job. It traditionally has been a part time job, but now problems require full time attention. We need a leader who will anticipate problems before they are in our face. Things are not going to improve if my opponent is elected. My opponent is quoted as saying "I will be available on any issue that may arise." Again, you have someone who is waiting for the wheels to fall off before they do anything. Precinct 2 families deserve and need a leader who is proactive not reactive.

Precinct 2 has some of the oldest neighborhoods in the county. Our infrastructures are aging and our communities are primarily made up of the elderly, blue collar and the average working family. Many of our households are working two jobs to survive. The least we can do is give them a better neighborhood to come home to at night. We need fewer dead ends and more street signs for quick 911 response and drainage ditches that do not turn your front yard into a moat every time we get an inch of rain.

We need to remember that growth affects different neighborhoods differently. Exploding growth means that old neighborhoods, like Precinct 2,will be hit hard by skyrocketing property taxes. Unfortunately, the rise in property taxes will force families to move.

Growth can be like a double edged sword. It is great to upgrade old neighborhoods with new houses, but not if it means that low income families and young families cannot afford to live in their own home town.

Growth and development can be planned and controlled. We have a lot of good resources within our county government. We need to begin to use those resources to our best advantage. Precinct 2 needs a leader who is prepared to act on issues not simply react to the problems.

Dale is an incredible candidate. He pounded the pavement in Precinct 2 to meet all of his future constituents. His dedication to the community has already shown what a great commissioner he will make. He has already started the work to transform Precinct 2. He deserves your vote.


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